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AS EVERYONE who has ever lived there knows, Webster Groves is the center of the universe, the real axis on which the world turns, and everyone who is anyone ultimately has a connection to the “Queen of the Suburbs.”

WELCOME to the website devoted to those connections. Here you will find the famous and the infamous, the celebrated and the obscure, the factual and the fictional, all united by their connection to Webster Groves.

BROWSE the site, share it with your friends, and contribute your own Webster Groves connections!

Bruce Alger From 1955-65, the first Republican to represent a Dallas TX Congressional District since reconstruction, grew up in Webster Groves.
Lloyd Austin U.S. Army General, confirmed by the Senate in June 2010 to replace General Ray Odierno as leader of United States Forces Iraq, earned his Master's Degree in Business Management from Webster University.
Stephen Avery Author, Hollywood screenwriter, Academy Award nominee, and father of actress Phyllis Avery, was born in Webster Groves.
The Billikens Saint Louis Universityʼs hockey team, plays its home games at the Webster Groves Ice Arena.
Scott Bradley Tony Award-winning Broadway set designer, grew up in Webster Groves and graduated from Webster Groves High School.
Anne Bradley Wisconsin State Supreme Court Justice, earned her bachelor's degree at Webster University.
Tijuana Bradley Competitor on Survivor: Pearl Islands (2003), is a Webster Groves native and St. Louis University graduate.
William Broad Author and Pulitzer Prize-winning science correspondent for The New York Times, is a Webster University alumnus.
Will Bufe Founder and Commissioner of the Webster Groves Wiffle League, officially established in 2003 (first official World Series played in 2006). Established the Webster Groves Chiefs Wiffle Ball Club and is a winner of every World Series of Wiffle Ball to date. Also runs the grassroots video making “Camp BoofTube” and is a semi-professional musician, cyclist, and cross-country skier.
Sam Bufe Co-founder of the Webster Groves Wiffle League (Est. 2003). Founded Webster Groves Rippers Wiffleball Club (Est. 2005) and Webster Groves Federation of Wifflers (Est. 2011). Received WGWL Gold Glove at first base (2007, 2009, 2010). Currently bats cleanup and plays first base for Webster Groves Rippers Wiffleball Club.
Rick Burchett Nationally-recognized comic book artist, has drawn for such major titles as Batman, The Flash, Superman, Black Hood, Wonder Woman, The Justice League, and Green Lantern, and worked for both Marvel and DC. Currently draws the art for Batman, the Brave and the Bold, and lives on Clark in Webster Groves.
Leo Burnett Advertising executive who created the Jolly Green Giant, the Marlboro Man, Toucan Sam, Charlie the Tuna, Morris the Cat, the Pillsbury Doughboy, and Tony the Tiger, was the father of famous birder and Webster Groves resident Phoebe Snetsinger.
Bud Byerly Major League Baseball pitcher who played for the 1944 World Champion St. Louis Cardinals, as well as the Cincinnati Reds, Washington Senators, Boston Red Sox and San Francisco Giants, was born in Webster Groves
George Cannon The first U.S. Marine to earn the nation's highest military award, the Medal of Honor, in World War II, was born in Webster Groves.
Harry Caray Baseball announcer for the St. Louis Cardinals, Oakland Athletics, Chicago White Sox and Chicago Cubs, and father of Skip Caray, grew up in Webster Groves and attended Webster Groves High School.
Skip Caray Sportscaster, son of Harry Caray and best known as radio & TV play-by-play announcer for the Atlanta Braves, grew up in Webster Groves.
Kate Chopin Author of The Awakening, her great-granddaughter grew up in Webster Groves.
David Clewell Missouriʼs current Poet Laureate, is a professor at Webster University.
Bill Clinton 42nd President, visited Webster Groves High School in 1996 to recognize the Webster Groves School District for its work in preventing drugs and violence among its students.
Bob Costas Sportscaster on the air for the NBC network since the early 1980s, is a Honorary Trustee of Webster University.
Ivory Crockett Webster Groves track star, held the distinction of being "the world's fastest man" after breaking the world record by running the 100-yard dash in 9 seconds flat in 1974.
Phyllis Diller Actress and comedienne, lived for a time at 30 Mason Avenue in Webster Groves.
Edward Doisy Nobel Prize Winner in 1943 for his work in isolating and synthesizing Vitamin K, his grandson Rich Doisy attended Webster Groves High School.
Forrest Donnell U.S. Senator and 40th Governor of Missouri, was the city attorney of Webster Groves.
Debi Doss British-based, American-born singer and music photographer, known for her vocal on Video Killed the Radio Star, attended Webster University.
Bob Dotson Emmy Award winning NBC News correspondent and contributor, was raised in Webster Groves and graduated from Webster Groves High School.
Tim Dunigan Actor best known for his TV role as Jonathan Power in Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future and as the young Davy Crockett in several Disney made-for-TV movies, lived in Webster Groves.
Mary Engelbreit Artist and illustrator, is a resident of Webster Groves.
Clay Felker Founder of New York Magazine, son of Carl Felker, editor of The Sporting News, and Cora Tyree, womenʼs editor of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, was born in Webster Groves.
Jenna Fischer Comedic actress in TV and films (Blades of Glory, Walk Hard and The Promotion), and best known for her role as Pam Halpert (nee Beesly) in The Office, attended Nerinx Hall High School in Webster Groves.
Lois Florreich Pitcher and utility who played from 1943 through 1950 for three different teams of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League, was born in Webster Groves.
Jonathan Franzen Literary novelist, National Book Award winner and Pulitzer Prize finalist, was raised in Webster Groves. His novels The Twenty-Seventh City and The Corrections feature St. Louis (called “St. Jude” in The Corrections) and Webster Groves settings.
Edward Hall Anthropologist, considered a founding father of intercultural communication studies, was born in Webster Groves.
Clarence Harmon 44th Mayor of St. Louis, the cityʼs second African-American mayor and its former Chief of Police, is a Webster University alumnus.
Bob Holden 53rd Governor of Missouri, now teaches management and political science courses at Webster University.
Charlie James Outfielder for St. Louis Cardinals, 1960-64, and Cincinnati Reds, 1965, graduated from Webster Groves High School.
Jemima's Witness A fictional religion mentioned in an episode of TV's Family Guy, was started by Webster Groves High School students.
Gordon Jenkins Arranger, composer, pianist and conductor, known in the ʻ40s and ʻ50s for his lush string arrangements and influential for his work with many popular singers, was born in Webster Groves.
Josephine Johnson Wrote her first novel, Pulitzer Prize-winning Now in November, and her O.Henry Award-winning short-story Dark, while living on her mother's farm in Webster Groves.
National Junior The first chapter of the NJHS was organized in Webster Groves High School and was issued Charter Number One on December 6, 1929.
George Kaiser Renowned cardiovascular surgeon at SLU for 35 years, and member of the team that performed the first heart transplant in the state of Missouri in 1968. For thirty years he raised his family at 30 Joy Ave and still lives in Webster Groves.
KFNS (AM) Sports/talk radio station known as 590 The Fan, has its studios in Webster Groves.
Matt Kindt Harvey Award-winning graphic novelist and illustrator, whose 3 Story: The Secret History of the Giant Man has been optioned for film by Warner Bros, obtained his Graphic Design degree from Webster University in 1995, and lives in Webster Groves.
Karlie Kloss Model and ballet dancer, began studying at Caston's Ballet Academy in Webster Groves, and was inspired to model by one of her teachers at Webster Groves Elementary.
Jim Krebs NBA basketball player, was born in Webster Groves, and attracted the attention of a college scout while representing Webster Groves High School in a St. Louis-area all-star game.
Frederick Kreismann Mayor of St. Louis from 1909 to 1913 and president of the St. Louis Centennial Association, died in Webster Groves.
Matt Krentz Producer, director and actor best known for his independent film Streetballers, which was shot in St. Louis with an entirely local cast and crew and in which he plays one of the leading characters, grew up in Webster Groves.
Hank Kuhlmann A graduate of Webster Groves High School, who starred in football at Missouri U, went on to a career as an assistant coach with several college teams and many professional teams. He was interim head coach of the Phoenix Cardinals in 1989.
Jamie Levinson Drummer in the Indie rock band White Rabbits, grew up in Webster Groves.
Clarissa Start Lippert St. Louis Post-Dispatch columnist and longtime resident, literally wrote the book on Webster Groves, commissioned by the City Council and published in 1975 to celebrate the Bicentennial.
Jack Lorenz Environmental activist and leader of the Izaak Walton League, known for having fished in all 50 states and every Canadian province, grew up in Webster Groves.
John Lutz Edgar and Shamus Award-winning author of over 30 novels and 200 short-stories, whoʼs SWF Seeks Same was the basis for the movie Single White Female, lives in Webster Groves.
Bernie Machen Bernie Machen (Webster Groves High School Class of'62) has been president of the University of Florida since 2004.
Rashida Manjoo United Nations Special Rapporteur for Violence Against Women, was the 2008-09 Des Lee Visiting Professor for Global Awareness at Webster University.
Marsha Mason Four-time Academy Award nominee for Best Actress and wife of Neil Simon, is a graduate of Nerinx Hall High School and Webster University.
Brad Mays Independent filmmaker and stage director, lived in Webster Groves during early childhood.
T. Allan McArtor Chairman of Airbus Americas, former founder & CEO of Legend Airlines, head of air operations for FedEx, and Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA),graduated from Webster Groves High School in 1960.
Danny McCarthy Actor, best known for his role as Special Agent Danny Hale in the TV drama Prison Break, attended Webster University, and began his career as a pizza maker at Imo's in Webster Groves. (His original score and performance of The Pizza Man Opera is considered a classic.)
Van McElwee Video artist, is Professor of Electronic and Photographic Media at Webster University.
Lou McEvoy Major League Baseball pitcher for the New York Yankees 1930-31, died in 1953 in Webster Groves.
Louis Metcalf Jazz cornetist and trumpeter, best remembered for his work with Duke Ellington, was born in Webster Groves.
Russ Mitchell Morning TV anchorman of CBS Newsʼ The Early Show, and occasional fill in for Katie Couric and Jeff Glor on the Evening News, was raised in Webster Groves and graduated from Webster Groves High School.
Charles Munch Wisconsin artist who has enjoyed over eighteen museum exhibitions and whose paintings hang in the Milwaukee Art Museum's permanent collection, was born & raised in Webster Groves.
Ann Akiko Myers World renowned concert violinist, her father Richard Myers was President of Webster University until 2009.
Reinhold Niebuhr Theologian, and the most influential minister of the 1940s and 1950s in American public affairs, studied at Eden Theological Seminary before earning his Bachelors and Masters at Yale Divinity School.
Keith Nolan Military historian who focused on the various campaigns of the Vietnam War, was born in Webster Groves and obtained his history degree from Webster University.
Oldest High School Football Rivalry (West of the Mississippi) Webster Groves High School Statesmen vs. Kirkwood High School Pioneers, every Thanksgiving Day since 1907.
Jeanette Oxford Activist and State Representative, first openly lesbian member of the Missouri Legislature, received her Masters of Divinity from Eden Theological Seminary in 1989.
Gregory Peck Academy Award-winning actor, his mother Bernice Peck lived for a time in Webster Groves.
Charlotte Peters Charlotte Peters, popular TV personality in the 60's (The Charlotte Peters Show), lived on Bellview in Webster Groves. After her TV days, In the late 70's she co-founded Charlotte's Rib restaurant. Her son, Mike Peters, is the nationally known cartoonist of “Mother Goose & Grimm”.
Scott Phillips Noir crime fiction writer, lives in Webster Groves.
Bob Poe Would-be Democratic candidate for Governor of Alaska until he bowed out in June 2010, spent his early years in the Sherwood Forest neighborhood of Webster Groves.
Bill Porter Studio engineer who helped shape the Nashville sound, and whose recordings accounted for 15 of Billboard Magazineʼs Top 100 one week in 1960 (a feat none have matched), taught at Webster University.
Greg Roberts Vocalist and guitarist for the Indie rock band White Rabbits, grew up in Webster Groves.
Will Rogers The one-man play Will Rogers' USA starred James Whitmore, who changed his monologue each time he performed it, using actual quotations from Will Rogers to comment on current events, was first staged in Webster Groves before going on to Ford's Theatre and Broadway.
Route 66 Historic U.S. Highway, as in Get your kicks on Route 66, went through Webster Groves.
Drew Sarich Stage actor and singer, is from Webster Groves.
ScholarShop Founded in 1920, the Scholarship Foundation of St. Louis offers comprehensive need-based academic scholarship programs funded by two ScholarShop locations, one in Clayton and one in Webster Groves.
Sixteen in Webster Groves 1966 award-winning CBS documentary, featured (obviously) adolescents growing up in Webster Groves, and was narrated by Charles Kuralt.
Jane Smiley Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist, grew up in Webster Groves.
Phoebe Snetsinger Birdwatcher famous for having seen more species of birds than anyone else (over 8,400 species by the time of her death in 1999 in Madagascar) was a resident of Webster Groves.
Bill Southworth American baseball player, who appeared briefly in the major league baseball with the 1964 Milwaukee Braves, graduated from Webster Groves High School.
St. Louis Journalism Review The nation's last remaining metropolitan journalism review, was based at Webster University from 1995-2006
Terry Stieve Offensive guard for the New Orleans Saints and the St. Louis Cardinals, lived on Blackmer Place in Webster Groves before moving to Lafayette Square in St. Louis.
Straub's Markets Also known as Straubʼs Fine Grocers, their original store opened in 1901 in Webster Groves.
Lucas Tanner 1974-75 NBC TV series starring David Hartman, was set in Webster Groves.
Time Magazine Featured Webster Groves High School in its 1999 cover story A Week in the Life of a High School.
Jeff Truesdale Writer for People magazine, was raised in Webster Groves and graduated from Webster Groves High School.
Harry Truman The stage play Give 'Em Hell, Harry debuted in Webster Groves, before going on to Broadway, and then earning its star James Whitmore an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor in the film version.
Kevin Walker Founder and President of Project Appleseed, a national campaign for public school improvement, graduated Webster Groves High School after serving as Student Body President in 1983.
Daniel Webster Leading American statesman during the nation's Antebellum Period, his main claim to fame, of course, is that Webster Groves was named in his honor.
William Webster Only person to have served as Director of both the FBI and CIA, and current Chairman of the Homeland Security Advisory Council, was raised in Webster Groves and received his Law degree from Washington University.
Webster University Originally Loretto College, then Webster College, now with over 70 campus locations throughout the U.S. and seven more internationally plus an online WorldClassRoom, its main campus is in Webster Groves.
White Rabbits Indie rock band based in Brooklyn, was formed in Columbia, Missouri. Frontman Greg Roberts and drummer Jamie Levinson grew up in Webster Groves, where both played in ska band The Hubcaps while in high school.
James Whitmore Stage and screen actor, starred on Broadway in Will Rogers' USA and in Give 'Em Hell, Harry, both of which debuted in Webster Groves.
Frank Lloyd Wright Built a summer home, Taliesin, to house himself and his lover Mamah Cheney, who was then murdered there by a disgruntled manservant. Mamahʼs ex-husband Edwin Cheney, whom she had left for Wright, remarried and moved to Webster Groves.
Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono Current President of Indonesia, earned his MA in Business Management from Webster University in 1991.